Bonhoeffer Quotes


From Christ the Center:

“If Jesus Christ is to be described as God, then we may not speak of this divine essence, of his omnipotence and his omniscience, but we must speak of this weak man among sinners, of his cradle and cross. When we consider the Godhead of Jesus, then above all we must speak of his weakness. In christology one looks at the whole historical man Jesus and says of him, ‘He is God.’ One does not look at a human nature, and then beyond it to a divine nature; one meets the one man Jesus Christ, who is fully god.” (108)

“We say of the Humiliated One, “This is God.’ He makes none of his divine properties manifest in his death. On the contrary, all we see is a man doubting in God as he dies. But of this man we say, ‘This is God.’ Anyone who cannot do this does not know the meaning of ‘God became man.’ (110)


One Response to “Bonhoeffer Quotes”

  1. Wesley Says:

    Good stuff. I especially like the first quote..

    Have you listened to the most recent Homebrewed Christianity podcast? LeRon Shults talks about Reforming Emerging Church Ecclesiology.. excellent.


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