Zizek and Political Ideology Today


From First as Tragedy Then as Farce:

“A true Left takes a crisis seriously, without illusions, but as some­
thing inevitable, as a chance to be fully exploited. The basic insight of
the radical Left is that although crises are painful and dangerous they
are ineluctable, and that they are the terrain on which battles have to be
waged and won. The difference between liberalism and the radical Left
is that, although they refer to the same three elements (liberal center,
populist Right, radical Left), they locate them in a radically different
topology: for the liberal center, the radical Left and the Right are two
forms of the same “totalitarian” excess; while for the Left, the only true
alternative is the one between itself and the liberal mainstream, the
populist “radical” Right being nothing but the symptom of liberalism’s
inability to deal with the Leftist threat.” (75)


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