Reasons to Find a Church


So having just moved to a new area of the country I immediately felt compelled to seek out a church. Other than the sadistic supergoic demands I must obey, I initially told myself the reason I was seeking out a church was to find a community in which I could live out the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth. However, now that I’ve been here for 2 months without any success or failures I’m starting to have doubts about my motivation.

The last church I went to in Austin was enjoyable, it was probably too hipster for me. I’m not very cool, so I didn’t always fit in with crowd (that and cause I was 21 not 28). I ended up not attending over the last four months and dedicating all my time to running a theology pub.

Here was our reading list:
Peter Rollins – How (Not) to Speak of God
Rene Girard – I See Satan Fall Like Lightning
Jurgen Moltmann – The Crucified God
J Denny Weaver – Nonviolent Atonement
Stan Grenz – 20th Century Theology

Either way, I’m still pretty proud of all that we accomplished in only eight months when I was co-running it with my friend James. I also credit Grenz for introducing me to the vast world of (protestant) theology of the previous century. I thought I could find a group of people here in the DC area who might be interested in reading some theology and drinking beer, but alas I have failed thus far. The main reason I expect to continue to be unsuccessful is the only people that might be interested in reading theology would want to talk about the emerging church, third ways, community, and postmodernism.

However, as I dig more into the depths of my psyche I’m starting to realize the true reason for my motivation to find a church is to find someone to date. Don’t get me wrong I’m generally not a big fan of Christians. However, I felt as if my last (and really all) relationships have suffered because I live and breath psychoanalysis, theology, and philosophy. Consequently, I talk way too much about it, so I was hoping to find some random girl who actually enjoys reading theology in her down time. However, I have a feeling that if she exists somewhere out there she’s probably not attending church, damn this search will be harder than I thought! Unfortunately, I’ve yet to meet many people my age who get really excited discussing Christology and atonement. Or if they do, it’s probably only for the purpose of trying to envision a new sexy church, sigh. It really is quite an obsession, but why do I feel like one of the people on earth who genuinely cares? I have some family members heavily involved in different churches, and I don’t even feel like we could have a conversation about God. They have one of those ‘That’s neat” expressions on their face, which is to say please stop talking.

I suppose I’ll die alone. On the bright side right now I’m justifying being anti-marriage based on Jesus’ ministry in the New Testament (or because of Marxist convictions), that’s always a fun conversation piece. And hell, if I ever waver in the faith and sell my soul to the devil, I can just quote St Paul. Either way, I have my golden ticket. Also, I’ve found that telling married Christians they’re disobeying Jesus often makes them rather uncomfortable, but hey I did not come to bring peace but the sword!


4 Responses to “Reasons to Find a Church”

  1. Emily Says:

    jerry jerry quite contrary

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Ok, yes I’m being overly-contrarian, but at least I take my Bible seriously.

  3. Emily Says:

    which one?

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