Goodchild and Deleuze


APS over AUFS recommended I read Goodchild’s work on Deleuze entitled Gilles Deleuze and the Question of Philosophy. Let me just say that this is by far the most accessible and comprehensive introduction I’ve yet to run across. My favorite aspect is that it focuses not only on his solo works like Difference and Repetition and Logic of Sense (works I’m more interested in), but also shows how these concepts were transformed by Deleuze’s collaboration with Guattari in their coauthored works like A Thousand Plateaus. I think now I should make two plugs for Goodchild’s interesting work. First off, I’d encourage everyone to read his great work Capitalism and Religion. The entire thing is magnificent, and I loved his re-reading of Nietzsche’s death of God as more appropriately understood as the murder of God. Secondly, the guys over at AUFS are starting a book profile of Goodchild’s newest work a Theology of Money starting in December. I plan to read along, and I expect some interesting discussions will ensue.


One Response to “Goodchild and Deleuze”

  1. dave Says:

    But I don’t have enough money to buy more books!

    I was leaning towards just reading the posts in the Goodchild discussion, but our look at Gaddis has been engaging enough that I’m not tempted to just buy the Goodchild book on money.

    Have you ever read Capitalism and Christianity, American Style by Connolly?

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