Interesting Strangers and Quote of the Day


So I’ve been reading Theology of Money to keep up with AUFS’s book review over the next two weeks. Because I’m so busy with the end of the semester I’ve been using my Metro commute to read the book. Anyway today on the metro into DC I met a psychoanalyst who apparently supervises students in my graduate program. He’s currently working on a book on object relations, Freud, and religious violence. Then on the way back home I sat next to a guy who was interested in Foucault and Butler, and we discussed Goodchild’s book and the recent debates over political theology. Anyway during the discussion I was telling him about Ernst Bloch’s Atheism in Christianity because in college he had apparently studied Althusser, another fellow Neo-Marxist. I told him Bloch’s work focuses on certain subversive elements in the Synoptics and the Prophets that resist oppression from the tyrannical deity. He also confessed that he was raised a Catholic but now considers himself an atheist. Anyway here was the exchange:

Random Guy: “Yeah Christ was kind of this crazy radical”

Me: “Yeah, Christ was pretty much a badass”


4 Responses to “Interesting Strangers and Quote of the Day”

  1. cmoody91 Says:

    I’ve been looking for Bloch’s Atheism in Christianity online for a while now, let me know if you see it!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Chances are slim because it was only recently republished in English. I presume you mean to download correct? Yeah, good luck locating it, if I stumble across it I’ll forward you the link.

  3. dave Says:

    Those encounters are far more interesting than some of the ones I have with strangers. I don’t know if he’s a stranger anymore, but there’s a guy who lives sort of across the street and diagonal from the house that my college friends and I live in (campus housing), and one morning he questioned me as I was walking to work. At one point, he said something like, “What are you studying to be, boy?” (we were really talking with 1950s social norms).

    Normally I never answer this question directly, for a number of reasons, but principally because my major is technically interdisciplinary and it takes too long to explain what that is and the fact that I basically consider myself a philosopher. I usually explain exactly what I’m typing now instead of answering the question simply, and the person gets bored or distracted, solving the problem.

    Since it was 7 AM, though, I was pretty much out of it, and I simply responded, “a philosopher, sir” (again with the 50s norms). His response was priceless: “what the hell’s that?” I said, “good question,” and then told him I was going to be late for work if I stayed to talk any longer.

  4. Jeremy Says:


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