Jennings on the Death of God


Kotsko over at AUFS has posted a transcript of Ted Jennings’ speech that was never delivered at AAR concerning the death of God. I’ve really enjoyed reading Jennings’ work in the past, whether it be homoerotic readings of the Bible or the similarities between Paul and Derrida. Either way, this speech focuses on his mentor, Altizer, and the importance of the death of God being absolutely realized. Otherwise, we remain susceptible to worshiping idols of the dead God that Blake understood as Satan. Here’s the link:


4 Responses to “Jennings on the Death of God”

  1. cmoody91 Says:

    I have his book Transforming Atonement: A political theology of the cross in the mail from amazon! i’m excited to read it.
    Also, Matthew Gallion over at Heady (Ir)Reverence has been posting on his Reading Derrida/Thinking Paul book recently.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Please let me know how it is. It’s on my reading list. I plan on going through an atonement study later on this year. Also, Brad Johnson over at AUFS had 5 posts that profiled Jennigs’ book on Derrida and Paul as well.

  3. cmoody91 Says:

    Yeah, i was also looking at this book for an atonement study:
    which is mostly an examination of Christus Victor, the Jennings book looked more interesting to me right now though.
    I’m sure after being immersed in Calvinism and Violent atonement theology i’ll be interested in the Weaver book though.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    I think I mentioned that we worked through Weaver’s book in my theology pub. I also posted a handful of posts about atonement theory at the beginning of this blog mostly inspired by Weaver’s work. Let me also suggest the womanist theologian Joanne Marie Terrell’s book Power in the Blood?

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