Genesis and Apocalypse Book Event


Continuing the trend of profiling books of radical theology, starting this Monday I’ll begin a book review of Altizer’s Genesis and Apocalypse. I wanted to say that this book review will be less comprehensive than the last review. Part of that has to do with the fact that Altizer’s work is less experimental and more singular in focus. This is an exciting work, a work that I hope will give a clearer presentation of Altizer’s unique apocalyptic, systematic theology.

Here’s the schedule:

2/15 – Preface and Prologue
2/17 – Genesis as New Creation and Genesis and Death
2/19 – The Birth of History and The Crucifixion of God
2/21 – The Resurrection of God and Emptiness and Self-emptiness
2/23 – Incarnation and Apocalypse and The Genesis of the Will
2/25 – Predestination as Eternal Recurrence and The Apocalyptic Christ
2/27 – Christ and Satan and Apocalypse


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