Barth on God’s Self-Humiliation


“When He raises us to Himself through the speech of this creature, He lowers Himself to us. All that is already true of the humanity of Jesus Christ. And when we remember that the goal and climax of the epiphany of the Son of God in the man Jesus consisted in His death on the cross, and that as the risen Lord He is still the man who died on the cross, we are even forced to say that it is precisely and supremely the humanity of Jesus Christ which  means God’s self-humiliation and self-alienation, the remaining invisible of the distinction from all creatures which is proper to Him as God, the concealment of His objectivity by the quite different objectivity of the creature…It is the case everywhere that when there is unveiling there is also veiling, when God sets up His lordship it means the self-humiliation and self-alienation of God, when He reveals Himself His hiddennes is confirmed” (CD II/1, 55).


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