On The Psychotheology of Everyday Life Book Event


I wanted to alert readers that over at Dave’s blog a book event on Santner’s On The Psychotheology of Everyday Life just began. I’m posting my thoughts with some questions on the introduction and the epilogue. I’ve just posted a short review of the introduction and encourage my readers to engage with book event as I’ve found Santner’s work to be very interesting and provocative.


4 Responses to “On The Psychotheology of Everyday Life Book Event”

  1. remy Says:

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for dropping by on my blog and leaving some nice words on my project on Lacan and reformational thought. I’ll be working through your review of Crockett. Haven’t explored much in the realm of psychotheology, but I am very interested on the overlaps between the two discourses. I’m not a psychoanalyst, but am currently working through a PhD in Gender and Cultural Studies (on Religious schooling!) using Discourse Theory (inc. Lacan and Zizek).

    And Barth is definitely one that would be great to explore vis-a-vis Lacan! Have you written much on this?

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Interesting stuff. Feel free to comment on the review if you have any questions/thoughts. I haven’t really brough Barth into conversation with Lacan. Although perhaps I should try as I’m reading Dogmatics in 2010, and I’m also currenlty in a Lacanian reading group. I’ll keep that in mind.

  3. Brad Johnson Says:

    That’s an excellent book. If you like it, I highly recommend you also check out his other book on Sebald & Rilke.

  4. Dave Mesing Says:

    I’ve got the book on Sebald and Rilke with me right now, and I’m trying to tie it into a literary theory paper that I’m working on, while also finding the time to dedicate to the book study.

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