Update and Request


So, I’ve realized more and more that I want to investigate more about theodicy and the problem of evil. I read Moltmann’s The Crucified God a year ago, but I want to read more about the suffering God. I’m wondering if anyone’s read Kitamori’s Theology and the Pain of God or Surin’s Theology and the Problem of Evil? I’m also somewhat disappointed with myself for not having produced much in the last couple of weeks, but I’m not finding the time these days. I hope this summer to delve more into feminist theology and queer theology, theologies that seem to be grossly underrepresented on current theoblogs.

Also, I do plan on posting some of my thoughts on Barth’s CD II/2. I’m still processing Barth’s unique revision of the doctrine of election. His commentary on Judas as the rejected was especially thought provoking. It’s easily been my favorite part of CD thus far.


3 Responses to “Update and Request”

  1. A.J. Smith Says:

    I’ve gotten kind of lazy myself.

    Japanese and other non-western theology sounds cool, and I look forward to reading your stuff on theodicy. I was actually going to post some stuff on that myself in the near future….

  2. William Says:

    Is it ever worthwhile to comment on an old post? Anyways, regarding Moltmann and theodicy-Richard Bauckham has an excellent essay on the topic in his book on Moltmann’s theology. It is very very good. It made me admire and appreciate what Moltmann accomplishes in CG a lot more as far as the theodicy question is concerned -Moltmann takes us the challenge of 20th century ‘protest atheism’ found particularly in Dostoevsky and Camus and argues for a theology of the “protesting God”.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’ll check out the Bauckham essay on theodicy. I read Crucified God a couple of years ago with some friends from church and found it fascinating.

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