Barth on Philosophical Systems and God


“Plato and Plotinus would have been rather surprised and not very pleased by the way in which their philosophy was deepened and illuminated in the thought of Augustine, and no doubt Aristotle would have felt the same about what Thomas made of him. And from the philosophical standpoints the rise of theological Cartesians, Spinozists, Leibnizians, Kantians and Hegelians was a very dubious manner. Only rarely did the originators of the great philosophical systems have the will or the courage to make plan the possible compatibility of of their thought with Christian faith. And when this was attempted, as in the case of Kant and the older Schelling, it was inevitably to the detriment not only of faith but also of the system of ideas” (CD III/2, 10).

Oh, and for the record, I would have liked to have written some posts on CD III/1, but it was easily my least favorite part of CD thus far. For some reason my idea of fun isn’t a 400 page exegesis on Genesis 1-3.


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