Reformed Dating Website


Check this out.

The tagline is: prepared, prequalified, predestined. I shit you not.

I’ve been thinking about joining and trying to create a dating profile. I wonder if one can indicate how many points in agreement one is with TULIP. Like, ‘hey girls I’m looking for a lady who’s a 4-point Calvinist, sorry ladies I’m not looking for a cutie who believes in limited atonement.’ Also, you know how on first dates a lame question people often ask is ‘tell me something about you that is embarrassing’. ‘Well sometimes I question whether or not I’m part of the elect.’ Deal breaker.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Barthian dating site. I would consider joining that one.


3 Responses to “Reformed Dating Website”

  1. Troy Polidori Says:

    I was about to ask if they had a “Barthian” option. Perhaps you could just put “CD II/2” under the Election instead of however many letter of TULIP you accept. Being a Barthian on this site might be the bad-boy on a motorcycle with a leather-jacket of the usual fare, though. Might get some major tail…

  2. Jonathan Post Says:

    Troy: They either wouldn’t recognize Barth at all, or they would totally not let the profile go through. That kind of “Reformed” Christian (most of them Baptists) have zero problems with “holy ostracism” at the drop of a hat.

  3. A.J. Smith Says:

    Somehow this reminds me of this:

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