More Lacanian Bullshit


“One can bullshit a lot over myths, because it is precisely the field of bullshitting. And bullshitting, as I have always said, is truth. They are identical. Truth enables everything to be said. Everything is true – on condition that you exclude the contrary – except it nevertheless plays a role that it be like that” (Book XVII, 111).


One Response to “More Lacanian Bullshit”

  1. Baran Says:

    Yeah Lacan is a bullshitter, but equating truth and bullshit, on the grounds that bullshit somehow resembles truth, is charlatanic. Bullshit is bullshit precisely because it imitates truth. I mean bullshit can be true from time to time, but it is just a rhetoric device. Truth does not become true by excluding its contrary. Truth becomes true in its application, if we accept the pragmatic theory of truth, for instance.

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