Update on Upcoming Readings


I’m taking a break from Barth for a week before I begin CD IV. Also beginning that week I’m beginning my journey through queer and feminist theology. I’ve edited the list some to incorporate more female authors from the third world.

Althaus-Reid – Queer God, Indecent Theology
Stuart – Gay and Lesbian Theology
Goss – Queering Christ
Johnson – She Who Is
Isasi-Diaz – Mujerista Theology
Oduyoye – Introducing African Women’s Theology
Ogbonnaya – On Communitarian Divinity
St. Clair – Call and Consequence
Ela – African Cry
Pui-lan – Introducing Asian Feminist Theology
Kyung – Struggle to Be the Sun Again

Feel free to join me. I’m aiming to finish up this list by the new year. Also stay tuned for a summary of Lacan’s critique of the Oedipus Complex that he offers in Seminar XVII.


One Response to “Update on Upcoming Readings”

  1. Wes Says:

    Definitely looking forward to these readings.

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