Pannenberg Podcast


Check out this fun interview with Phillip Clayton on Panneberg and process theology over at HC. Clayton studied with Pannenberg for awhile in Germany, and he recalled having a meeting with Pannenberg while he was in the process of writing his magisterial Anthropology in Theological Perspective. Panneberg admitted to being exhausted because he was reading over 1000 pages/day in preparation! I’m just finishing this podcast, and Clayton also believes that the two greatest influences on 20th century theology have been Barth and process thought. Not sure I buy that.


4 Responses to “Pannenberg Podcast”

  1. A.J. Smith Says:

    Hearing about Pannenberg made me feel really intellectually inadequate (nothing new there).

    But lets put this is perspective. At this rate, Pannenberg could read the CD in a little over a week!

  2. tripp fuller Says:

    thanks for the link love!

  3. Philip Clayton on Pannenberg & Process Theology « Cathedral Bells Says:

    […] H/T Jeremy […]

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