Good Discussion


My good friend Wes Hargrove and I are having an interesting discussion over at his blog on McLaren’s latest book and on the resurrection. Also, readers of this blog will be glad to know that Wes has decided to join me and AJ in our main reading project for 2011. Of course, I encourage all to join.

Side note: The new Kanye album is damn good. I know I don’t speak much about music on my blog, but I’m a huge fan of hip-hop. I think his latest might be as good as his freshmen release The College Dropout. This latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has to be my favorite hip hop album relased since Nas’ latest self-titled album. On Kanye’s latest, I especially recommend So Appalled (w/ RZA and Jay-Z), Devil in a New Dress (w/ Rick Ross), and the Blame Game (w/ John Legend).


5 Responses to “Good Discussion”

  1. Austin Says:

    the new kanye is album is simply amazing!!! it’s 330 am here in scotland and i have it on repeat… of course, the more whiskey i drink the better it gets… but still… amazing!!!!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Agreed. I also love the track Dark Fantasy. Honestly, the entire thing is just a masterpiece. I know all the reviews have had very positive things to say as well. I’m just glad there’s less auto-tune and some real fucking hip-hop on this album. I’ve had it on repeat all weekend. He’s redeeming himself since putting out 808, which I wasn’t a big fan of.

  3. Austin Says:

    i think ‘runaway’ and ‘monster’ are my two jams right now. but i’m with ya, the whole thing is great!

  4. Austin Says:

    upon further review, so appalled is my new track – but of course, the whole album is just sick

  5. yayforxmas Says:

    thank you for the information!

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