Closing Time


Dear Readers,

I am closing this blog. I no longer have free time to post on theology and psychoanalysis. Graduate school has taken over all my free time as I am currently working on my dissertation and multiple journal articles and book reviews. I apologize for the untimely closing because I had hoped to complete the Modern Theology Project of 2011. Unfortunately, my heart is no longer in theology, and I need to get busy publishing to improve my chances of landing an academic job in clinical psychology/psychoanalysis. I appreciate all those who have read over the years and feel free to comment on posts and other things that interest you. I will continue to try and respond to comments. If you want to continue reading my posts check me out at AUFS where I will post occasionally when the Spirit leads me.

– Jeremy


6 Responses to “Closing Time”

  1. david cl driedger Says:

    All the best Jeremy. I do hope to see you pop up occasionally at AUFS. I have quite appreciated your blend and expression of interests.

  2. William Says:

    Here is a sad lurker. Hope your other pursuits and studies go well.

  3. Jonathan Post Says:

    Thanks for everything

  4. Rod of Alexandria Says:

    sad. times. 😦

  5. Clayton Crockett Says:

    I totally understand Jeremy. At the same time, you’ve done an incredible service to the field of theological thought, and your reading of my work has helped me a great deal. By the way, my interview with Tripp Fuller was just published as a podcast over at Homebrewed Christianity ( Again, it was thanks to you that this was able to happen. Best wishes with your classes, work and career and please feel free to contact me if there’s anything I can help you with.

  6. Diana Hereld Says:

    I’ve just noticed this, and it breaks my heart. What brilliant thoughts you bring. Best of luck! I shall continue to follow via AUFS.

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