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  1. Afshin Says:

    Forgive me for posting this here, but your writing style fascinates me and I’m wondering how you read and return with such a firm understanding. I’m sure most of it is from your personal drive, but I’m wondering how extensively you take notes, specifically do you write out thoughts as you read or rely on highlighting or marginal notes, or something else?

    Thanks for taking your time in considering my question.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. Honestly, I wish I could write more clearly and succinctly, but that’s always a work in progress.

    A couple of recommendations:that pertain specifically to the Modern Theology Project I’m working on with my friends, AJ and Wesley:

    1) I encourage people to read scholarly articles along the way when they’re trying to understand a large challenging work (e.g. Schleiermacher’s The Christian Faith)

    2) After completing the book, I tend to read a couple of book reviews to help consolidate the information.

    3) I usually jot down a couple of notes or mark page numbers that I found particularly interesting. I should more disciplined here, but I sometimes read on the run (e.g. reading while riding the metro) so that can be challenging.

    4) I think a lot of has to do with personal drive and curiosity. For every book I read, i tend to write down five more on my reading list that I’d like to check out.

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